Advanced Training on Transformative Mediation by Joseph P. Folger

In June 2014, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Advance Training on Transformative Mediation with Professor Joseph Folger will be organized.

The Training will be conducted by the founding father of transformative mediation and co-author of the book The Promise of Mediation: Responding to Conflict through Empowerment and Recognition and The Promise of Mediation: The Transformative Approach to Conflict, which represents the ground literature work for transformative mediation, Joseph Folger.

This training program builds on the 4-day Basic Training in Transformative Mediation: Ideological Foundations and Practice in terms of detailed analysis and coaching in transformative mediation skills of practitioners who have adopted skills of transformative mediation in practice.

To experienced mediators this training offers an opportunity to develop their transformative conflict intervention skills. The training includes a review of the core principles that support transformative practice, including core assumptions about conflict and that the potential human beings have to act with a balance of empowerment and recognition.  The training will also review the main skills of transformative practice and examine how those skills support the constructive transformation of the parties’ interaction.

Participants will practice mediating during the training and will receive individualized, constructive feedback from the instructor to improve their work.  Finally, the course will address the challenges that transformative mediators often face in their practice, including challenges that stem from sustaining the value commitments of transformative practice and the communication/performance challenges of enacting the core skills.