Basic Training in Transformative Mediation – October 2016

Basic Training in Transformative Mediation with Marko Iršič, Certified transformative Mediator
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Basic Trainings will be conducted by Marko Iršič,  Certified Transformative Mediator, the founder of the RAKMO Institute, and the author of the books The Art of Conflict Management and Mediation.

This training program provides an understanding of the core purpose and foundational principles of transformative practice. In addition to exploring the goals and effects of transformative intervention, this training provides practice with the core transformative intervention skills. Through lecture, discussion, video illustrations, and skill building exercises, this training program grounds participants in an approach to mediation practice that is rooted in the assumption that conflict is a crisis in human interaction.

 Transformative mediation is an approach to conflict intervention that is used in a wide range of conflict intervention settings. It is based upon the view of conflict outlined in the book The Promise of Mediation by Robert A. Baruch Bush and Joseph P. Folger and it has been adopted in organizational, court, community and governmental settings. Transformative mediation has been used in family, neighbourhood, divorce, youth, multi-party disputes and has been adapted for conflict interventions that address team development and organizational disputes.

 The training is intended for mediators and mediation trainers trained in another approach of mediation but is open also for participants, that have no previous training in mediation.

Transformative Mediation Training: Principles & Practice
Participants in this training will gain an understanding of the theory and skills necessary for the practice of transformative mediation across a wide range of conflict settings.Specifically, participants in this training will:

  • Understand transformative conflict theory and the concepts of empowerment and recognition;
  • See the relationship between a mediator’s underlying motivations and he interventions used in practice;
  • Obtain the skills needed to focus on and attend to the moment-to-moment interaction of the parties and their deliberations;
  • Gain the capacity to take a responsive, supportive orientation that fosters party empowerment and avoids mediator directiveness
  • Understand the full range of conflict settings (commercial disputes, family and divorce, neighbor, victim-offender,organizational conflicts, ethno-political conflicts) where transformative mediation is currently practiced


Program of the transformative mediation training.

The Organizer reserves the right to modify the program.


M hotel ***, Derčeva 4, Ljubljana

Tel: 00386 (0) 1 513 70 00
Fax: 00386 (0) 1 513 70 90


How to register:

 – E-mail:

– or Registration form

The seat on the Basic Training is guaranteed only with the complete payment of registration fee.


Training fee:

– Super early bird fee, paid before July 31st, 2016: 590,00 € (VAT not included),

– Early bird fee, paid before September 15th, 2016 : 690,00 € (VAT not included)

– Regular fee, paid after September 15th, 2016 790,00 €(VAT not included)

Your registration is confirmed with the payment of the training fee. Information for the training fee payment will be included in the confirmation of your registration.

Number of participants is strictly limited.


Cancellation policy:

– Cancelling before July 31st, 2016 will result in 50% refund – substitute from the same organization possible with no extra charge.
– Cancelling after July 31st, 2016 – no refund – substitute from the same organization possible with payment of additional 10% of administrative costs.

The Organizer reserves the right to modify the program and/or to change other published organizational details.

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